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The Founders

I began this project in October of 2014 when I was asked to experiment with an herbal opiate detox formula from Vietnam called Heantos 4. I invited a friend to stay with me for a week so we could try to detox him off opiates. I began a Facebook group called 'Welcome to Heantos' and documented the experience. This ended up being the beginning of approximately an eighteen month project of naturally supporting people who were trying to cold-turkey detox themselves at home. Shortly after the project started gaining momentum, I was introduced to a Holistic Health Practitioner named Neal, and we instantly knew that we had a destiny to work together in the Holistic Healing Arts. A friendship and a business partnership was immediately formed, and seven years later we are still working to bring nature's medicines to people who are sick and suffering across the globe.  


This has been a grassroots project, from our hearts to yours.


Jennifer Rose Oglesby

Holistic Recovery Coach


Jennifer Rose is the author of "Design Your Detox: An International Guide to Holistic Drug Detox and Recovery Support".  She is a pioneer in the holistic recovery field, utilizing unique holistic protocols to support people through all stages of drug recovery. She is the co-founder of Design Your Detox, a mother, a teacher, and a facilitator of several healing practices involving traditional rites of passage with a focus on addiction. She received her Bachelors in Human Services and has been an advocate for foster children and people in recovery for more than a decade.  For the past 26 years, she has studied a wide range of holistic healing techniques and integrates them into her social work practice.  Her mission is to positively influence the stigmas and stereotypes associated with addiction in western culture. She strongly believes that addiction recovery is a unique journey of self-transformation and discovery. She devotes her time to executive management of the Design Your Detox team and advocating for people in recovery worldwide.


Neal Henegar

Holistic Health Practitioner & Kambo Provider


Neal is a Holistic Health Practitioner who has over 27 certifications in various modalities, including Shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda. As a life coach, he incorporates his Merkaba and sacred geometry certifications, Supreme Science Qi Gong, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance, Thai Yoga Massage courses, and Phytochemical nutrition to transform the lives of his apprentices. He combines indigenous traditions with Chinese energy meridians to strategically target emotional, mental, energetic, and physical blocks. Neal began studying indigenous healing practices at age 11, with interest to research his Native American blood line and discover his ancestral origins. His focused study has been primarily with Shamanic traditions originating in the Sacred Valley of Peru with the Amazonian Shamans from the Yawanawa’ indian tribe where the Kambo Frog originates. He first experienced the Kambo Frog Detox while participating in ceremonies held under the Yawanawa’ Indians in 2015. After the purging “getting well”, Neal found the effects to be profoundly life changing. Feeling truly changed by the medicine and deeply connected with the spirit of the Kambo Frog,  Neal felt called to offer the Frog Detox to his clients and ceremony participants.

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