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Herbal At-Home Detox

Herbal Detox Support for Helping to Manage Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

Herbal Detoxing is the process of naturally supporting yourself, a loved one, or a client when doing a cold-turkey detox from harmful drugs, such as heroin, prescription pain pills, methadone, suboxone, cocaine and amphetamines using over-the-counter products and natural supplements. 


Where can I detox off of drugs?

Naturally detoxing off of most drugs can be done from the comfort of your home, at a friend or family member’s home, in a hotel, at a remote cabin, or in a clinical setting. 


How long does it take to do a cold-turkey detox?

A cold-turkey detox typically takes 4-7  days (longer for methadone and suboxone) followed by 2-4 weeks of post-detox rebalancing.



Managing your opiate and drug withdrawal symptoms

Using a variety of herbs and supplements on a regular schedule will typically allow one to pass through the peak days of detox with manageable withdrawal symptoms. People report anywhere from 50-65% of their withdrawal symptoms being eliminated using this method, making the peak days of detox more tolerable and less excruciating. 

Can I use this method to detox off any substance?

Unfortunately, no. Many prescription drugs, fentanyl, and alcohol are extremely dangerous to detox from and should always be done in a clinical setting. Safety is always the most important factor when taking this extraordinary step in your life. The goal is to not only survive addiction and detox, but to come out the other side and THRIVE!

Do herbal supplements help with long-term lingering withdrawal symptoms and cravings?

Absolutely! In fact, this is the most effective way to use these products. An ideal situation would be to detox in a clinical setting under professional medical care, and once the peak days of detox have passed, using a variety of herbal supplements to help rebalance and restore the body. Many people have reported the use of supplements greatly reducing long-term discomforts and cravings. 

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