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Aftercare Options

Once the detox is complete, it will be time to implement an aftercare plan. There are many resources that you may consider adding to your aftercare plan; for some it will be intensive, and others may have to design it around full-time jobs and demanding schedules. The following is a list of ideas to explore and research (and combine!) when designing your aftercare plan:

Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers

Halfway House / Sober Living

Recovery Groups ~12 Step or SMART Recovery

Holistic Retreats

Ayahuasca or Kambo Sessions

Religion / Spirituality

Employment / Career Change

Yoga and Tai Chi Classes

Motivational Speakers

Taking Up a Hobby


Outpatient Recovery Programs

Psychotherapy or Counseling

Online Recovery / Support Groups

Ibogaine Therapy

Nutrition and Fitness

School or Training Programs

Meditation Groups

Reading Self-Help Books


Community Service / Volunteering


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