My name is Jennifer Rose and I've been building this website over the past five years of working on a grassroots recovery project called "Design Your Detox". In October of 2014, I began experimenting with herbal formulas that can be used to support a person through a cold-turkey drug detox (primarily opiate detox). This experimentation turned into a five year project of working closely with people in recovery and trying to help them to overcome their addictions long-term. This website is a compilation of all that I've learned during this time, combined with videos and teachings that I've applied to my own life which have helped myself and others overcome many physical, emotional, and psychological challenges, including addiction, depression, and PTSD (although we're all still a work in progress and continue to use these methods regularly).

Addiction Recovery requires a focus on all aspects of your life; physical, emotional, and psychological. It is a journey of self-transformation and will be unique for each individual. I have seen great results using herbal formulas and natural remedies for treating the physical aspects of the addiction, including detoxification (acute withdrawals) and body rebalancing (post acute withdrawals). However, this method isn't for everyone. Sometimes a person isn't ready to jump into a detox and may need Suboxone or Methadone maintenance for a period of time, and that's ok, recovery is not "One size fits all". You will need to evaluate every aspect of your life and design a detailed recovery plan that suits your individual circumstances and needs. For example, if you will experience a physical-withdrawal period, then you will need to design a detox plan, such as detoxing yourself at home with the support of herbal formulas, going to an Ibogaine detox center, or entering into a detox facility to get a medically supervised detox. Please design a plan that works best for you. Feel free to use the Recovery Guide below to help design a plan that meets your individual needs. A successful recovery requires research and planning. You will need to evaluate your life, your resources, your obstacles, your goals, and design a plan that works best for you.

This is the time to create a completely new life for yourself, and most importantly, new daily habits. Please visit the Video Library and try to incorporate some of these videos into your recovery plan. Listening to motivational speakers, doing morning Yoga routines, learning how to meditate, learning holistic and self healing techniques, listening to positive affirmations...all of this can add so much value to your recovery plan, and to your daily life. Some videos may not interest you, but take your time looking through the video library because you may come across a video or two that really resonates with you. If you have a video that you would like me to add to the library, please send me a link! We want to share as many helpful resources to as many people as we can, so your input is definitely welcomed and appreciated.


"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it's connection." ~ Johann Hari

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