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Ibogaine Detox

Ibogaine is a West African indigenous medicine used to interrupt addiction by neuro-chemically transporting one to a pre-addicted state.  It is a psycho-active substance commonly known to invoke a deeply introspective examination of both the subconscious and conscious mind.  This oftentimes leads to the discovery of the root causes of the addiction, allowing the opportunity to find closure to trauma.  Ibogaine has proven to be very effective at treating addiction, depression, and sometimes PTSD.  It can also be used for spiritual purposes, such as seeking spiritual healing and growth.​

Ibogaine is the most effective natural treatment used to eliminate the physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal.  It can be used as the primary detox aid, or it can be used following detox to offer one a psycho-therapeutic experience.​

Ibogaine is typically administered in a large flood dose which will ameliorate most, if not all, of the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug detox.  It is most effective for people detoxing from opiates, as it eliminates the physical withdrawal symptoms almost immediately.  The treatment lasts approximately 24-36 hours, followed by several days of recovery.

The Dangers Within the Ibogaine Community

Unfortunately at this time, the Ibogaine community has many dangers and it's extremely important to be aware of this. Ibogaine is unregulated in many regions where it is administered, which means there typically aren't any medical or licensing requirements for clinics to operate. In fact, many of these so-called 'clinics' are operated in houses that are owned by active drug users or people who are still early in recovery. It's hard to believe that clinics who claim to be saving lives are actually putting lives in jeopardy, but it's a sad reality that you must be aware of if you are in the market for an Ibogaine treatment. There are some quality Ibogaine clinics and providers out there, but there are just as many (if not, more) unethical and dangerous providers, so use extreme caution and do diligent research.


Although Ibogaine is an extremely effective addiction treatment, it has to be administered carefully with proper medical staff and medical screening in order to ensure a safe and successful experience. At this time, some clinics are charging thousands and thousands of dollars, and are not only failing to provide safe treatment, but are not offering the required aftercare that is necessary to complete the process. You will find slogans online regarding Ibogaine that may say things like "Ibogaine Cures Addiction" or "Cure Your Addiction in 24-36 Hours with Ibogaine", but this is a carelessly false claim that many clinics make. Ibogaine is effective at ameliorating most, if not all, of the physical symptoms of drug withdrawal. Ibogaine is most commonly used to treat opiate addiction because the withdrawals are very difficult to overcome. However, Ibogaine is NOT a cure for addiction, it is simply a tool for beginning the recovery process with a level of ease. It will not only help to bypass withdrawal symptoms and repair the damaged receptors in the body, but it also offers an incredibly therapeutic psycho-spiritual experience which in most cases (if the treatment is done properly) creates a sense of self examination, closure to trauma, and a sense of tranquility for a person who may have been suffering long before their addiction even began.

Recovering from Ibogaine comes with many challenges, as the body will be extremely exhausted not only from the Ibogaine, but from the years of active addiction that have inevitably taken a toll on the body. The first step to recovering from Ibogaine is balancing the body; determining where there may be imbalances and using natural methods to replenish and repair. This can be done with nutritious meals, proper rest, fitness, and a vitamin/supplement regimen. Many clinics don't offer support for this stage of the process and people may go through a very difficult period, which can oftentimes lead to relapse. It is important to prepare yourself for the first days following the Ibogaine treatment, often called "The Grey Days", and for the weeks following which can be referred to as "Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome", or PAWS.


Another unfortunate concern within the Ibogaine community is the obscene number of deaths that occur. When administered properly, Ibogaine should never cost a person their life! However, haphazard clinics and providers will oftentimes administer Ibogaine without doing proper liver and heart screenings, they won't drug test upon arrival and may administer Ibogaine with additional drugs in the person's system that could cause an adverse reaction, or they will carelessly administer additional plant medicines such as Ayahuasca within days of their Ibogaine treatment. Many, many people have died and are continuing to die due to careless "clinics" who are just in it for the fast cash, and no one is being held accountable for deaths in regions where Ibogaine is unregulated. Many clinics will list the names of their doctors on their websites, but in reality some of these doctors only make a short appearance and are not present for the duration of the treatment. When researching clinics, please ensure that a medical doctor will be present for the entire duration of the Ibogaine treatment.

When searching for a safe Ibogaine clinic, it can be very difficult because the websites may seem extremely professional and their telephone operators may seem very knowledgeable. However, much research is required when deciding on a clinic. Be sure to research clinic reviews, although oftentimes a lot of the reviews may not be accurate due to clinics posting positive reviews about themselves, and rival clinics posting negative reviews. It's an extremely corrupt community, be well aware of this fact.

Ibogaine Sustainability Project

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